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Let’s have fun with English.

Melissa/ English Teacher (Canada)

Hi! Nice to meet you.
I’m Melissa from Alberta, Canada but I was actually born in Finland. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 2013, and I have been enjoying my life in Japan since 2014.
I have been teaching for 7 years in Japan, and before coming to FUTURE Jidoen I have been a teacher at an international school and some Eikaiwas. I love teaching children very much, and I aim to create fun and engaging lessons where all of my students can have fun and learn English.
I look forward to seeing everyone’s growth here at FUTURE Tabata.

Tim / English Teacher (USA)

Hello everyone! My name is Tim. I am from New York, USA. I came to Japan in March 2020 where I started as an elementary school teacher in Ibaraki. At the end of September, I moved to Tokyo and started teaching at Future Tabata!
I enjoy working with children and being able to make them look forward to learning. At Future, I look forward to not only teaching the kids English but also giving them the right mindset to succeed when they move on to elementary school.

Akiko/Senior Manager(Japan)

I have traveled to Australia and America to study English. This helped me develop skills to teach children. Since then I have been teaching at preschool, elementary school as well as teaching private lessons. I bring a ten year experiences with me which will help me to bring the best out of develop of the FUTURE kids.
I would like to help the FUTURE kids to develop into a move multi culgdf children. I’m looking forward to working and spending time with the children attending the FUTURE-JIDOUEN Tabata.

Kazue/Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

I love working with the FUTURE kids to see their growth and I enjoy spending time together with them. It is my hope that all the children are looking forward to taking lessons and coming to school every day. I hope that the children are going to have a global perspective through various experiences. Therefore, I’d like to be considerate toward the children and take care of them.

Kumiko/Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

Hello. I’m Kumiko. I was born and raised in Yokohama.
I learned TESCOL in Australia and I found good things about both overseas and Japan during my stay in Australia.
I would like to help our kids to enjoy their time at FUTURE Tabata.

Mikoto / Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

Hello!! I’m Mikoto from Okinawa.
After graduating from university, I studied abroad and became interested in English education. Nowadays, I’m happy with the smiles of the children everyday, and I enjoy childcare. Learning English can communicate with a variety of multinational people. I will continue to support the future of such exciting children.

Nozomi / Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

I went to the Philippines and Australia to study English and worked in a resort hotel to have new experiences and improve English skills.
After studying abroad,I worked in the other preschool for 2years and studied about nursing.
I would like to help Tabata kids to get great experiences and broaden their views through Japanese and foreign culture.
In order to do that,I try to take care of the kids gently and make the best environment where they can focus learning English and enjoy their life at future Tabata.

Yuko / Bilingual Teacher (Japan)

Hello, my name is Yuko.
I have been working in childcare and after school for about 10 years.
I enjoy seeing and supporting the growth of the children. l look forward to working together to create FUTURE children filled with smiles.
Nice to meet you.




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